May 22, 2020 0 Comments Lifestyle

Cold-Pressed Juice Mixers : juice mixer

As an alternative to sodas, tonics and seltzer water, Fresh Victor is introducing clean-label, cold-pressed juice mixers that can be used as flavorful bases for cocktails and mocktails. The juices can be purchased in 16- and 64-ounce sizes, which are ideal for crafting mixed drinks in batches for the right number of drinkers. To start, Fresh Victor is introducing Mexican Lime & Agave and Cactus Pear & Pomegranate flavors.

For a simple and refreshing recipe, the brand recommends combining two parts Fresh Victor to one part spirits. Naturally, the fresh cocktail mixers can also be combined with sparkling water for fresh and flavorful, non-alcoholic pours. As consumer drinking habits shift, brands are focusing their efforts on creating better-for-you, full-flavor products that can be enjoyed with or without alcohol.

Image Credit: Fresh Victor

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