May 23, 2020 0 Comments Lifestyle

Kevlar-Reinforced Adventure Rafts : Kokopelli Nirvana Packraft

The Kokopelli Nirvana Packraft is an ultra-durable solution for avid explorers and outdoor enthusiasts alike that will work to keep them feeling agile when heading out on their latest adventure. The raft is crafted with a thermoplastic polyurethane-coated nylon construction that is accented by a padded foam seat and a 300 pound weight capacity. Users can rest assured it’s up to their rugged standards thanks to Kevlar-reinforced stress areas that will prevent premature failure.

The Kokopelli Nirvana Packraft weighs in at just 11 pounds and comes with a patch kit just in case users experience a blowout when braving the rapids to ensure they can get back safely. The raft is priced at $1,399 and likely to be a must-have for avid explorers to pick up.

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