May 23, 2020 0 Comments Lifestyle

Low-Sugar Oat Drinks : Organic Reduced Sugar Oat

Oat milk has surged in popularity in recent months as a great alternative to dairy and nut-based alternatives, so the Pacific Foods Organic Reduced Sugar Oat Beverage has been created as a new demand-driven option for health-conscious consumers.

The drink is achieved with a plant-based recipe that’s made with the same attention to a high-quality beverage at as the brand’s other options, while also offering a low-sugar profile. The beverage contains 80% sugar with just three grams per serving in the mix that’s sourced from oats themselves.

Pacific Foods Plant-Based Beverage Brand Manager Kari Davis spoke on the Pacific Foods Organic Reduced Sugar Oat Beverage saying, “Pacific has crafted an extensive line of plant-based beverages to fit consumers unique dietary needs and flavor preferences. Oat is bringing a lot of new customers into the category who are looking for delicious alternatives to dairy milk. Our new Organic Reduced Sugar Oat is perfect for those looking for a mild, creamy oat taste to use in anything from smoothies to baked goods.”

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