May 23, 2020 0 Comments Lifestyle

Nutritious Pouched Nut Snacks : Noisy Snacks pouches

The new Noisy Snacks pouches have been unveiled by the brand to offer consumers a flavorful and satisfying snack to pick up when looking to satisfy their hunger in a nutritious manner.

The snacks come in a variety of new flavors including Noisy Nuts Pickled Onion, Noisy Nuts Sweet Thai, Noisy Chick Peas Piri Piri Mango, Noisy Chicken Peas Black Pepper & Berry and Noisy Chick Peas Avocado & Lime. The snacks are each packaged in 45 gram pouches that are recyclable to encourage consumers to keep the packaging out of the landfill.

The new range of Noisy Snacks pouches are inexpensively priced between £1 and £1.29 per pack, and aims to satisfy the increasing number of consumers on the hunt for health-conscious snacks with a flavorful profile.

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