May 22, 2020 0 Comments Lifestyle

Post-Pandemic Shopping Malls : safe shopping

Thailand’s leader in shopping center and property development, Central Pattana (CPN), introduced new Central’s Hygiene and Safety measures to support safe shopping experiences and a healthy economy. For a “worry-free journey,” there are screening measures that begin at the start of a shopping experience, as well as continued social distancing protocols, thorough cleaning and an increase in totally touchless interactions. These new safe shopping measures are set to be put in place across dozens of malls under CPN, including CentralFestival, Central Phuket and Central Village and more across the country.

In Thailand, the new normal for retail is being supported by a three-part recovery plan that aims to reunite the country by reassuring the public, reopening businesses and rebuilding the economy.

Image Credit: Central Pattana

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