May 23, 2020 0 Comments Lifestyle

Summer Hard Seltzer Calendars : Hard Seltzer Calendar

Last winter, the popularity of hard seltzers inspired the creation of some spiked sparkling water advent calendars and Truly Hard Seltzer is reimagining the countdown experience with an all-new hard seltzer calendar for the summer. The Truly Summer Fridays calendar offers a treat for easing into the weekend and instead of counting down to a holiday in December, the calendar marks the start of a fresh new weekend in summer.

Every Friday, there’s a new door of the Truly Summer Fridays calendar to open, which will reveal a different hard seltzer from the brand to try. In all, there are 16 varieties to discover, including favorites and seasonally appropriate flavors from the brand like Pineapple, Wild Berry or Strawberry Lemonade.

Image Credit: Truly Hard Seltzer

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