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The most gorgeous celebrity weight loss transformations of the past decade

The most gorgeous celebrity weight loss transformations of the past decade

Celebrity weight loss transformations are no easy feat. Simply put, for the vast majority of people, celebrities included, losing weight just isn’t easy. It takes a lot of hard work, will-power, abstinence, and even the right genetics to be able to keep it off, let alone lose it in the first place, according to U.S. News & World Report. That’s why so many diets wind up failing in the long run.


However, there are some people who not only make the commitment to lose weight, but also have the grit and determination to keep it off. That includes celebrities, whose dramatic transformations are front and center in the media due to their high profiles. And over the last decade, there have been a handful of famous folks who made the big change — and really stand out from the rest in their new, slimmer form.

So just who is it that found a way to shed the excess pounds and look like an entirely new person? And what did they do in order to drop the weight they no longer wanted to carry around? Read on the learn everything about the most gorgeous celebrity weight loss transformations in the last ten years.


Graham Elliot worked his butt off to achieve a celebrity weight loss transformation

Celebrity chef Graham Elliot, by virtue of his profession, is constantly around food, which likely made any kind of celebrity weight loss transformation difficult. To that end, at the beginning of the decade, Elliot’s weight was hovering just around the 400-pound mark, something he decided had to change after visiting his son Milo’s kindergarten class. “A fellow student put a soccer ball under his shirt and said, ‘Look at me, look! I’m Milo’s dad. Look how fat I am,'” he recalled in an interview with WTTW News. “That’s when it was clear to me that not only was it, you know, my health I had to worry about … but also, he was going to be embarrassed [of me].” So Elliot made the decision to get weight loss surgery.