December 9, 2019 2 Comments Fashion

Watch out for short suits as a fashion trend in 2020

Fashion trends that are going to take over 2020

With fashion trends changing so rapidly, it can be hard to keep up. And, of course, you have to consider your personal taste before you fall down the rabbit hole of what’s “in.” Just because an ensemble makes it on the runway, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll want to wear it. Nevertheless, 2020 promises such a diverse lineup of looks that you’re bound to want to embrace at least one of the trends. 


Still, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to completely reinvent your wardrobe. “Every woman really only needs 20 core items in her closet,” Heidi Nazarudin, stylist and founder of The Ambitionista, told Good Housekeeping. From there, you can add in some inexpensive items, Nazarudin advised.

Including some trendy pieces to wear alongside your staples that never go out of style — like that tried and true LBD that can always be dressed up — is a great way to keep your look fresh. So, what trends should you consider adding to your closet? According to fashion experts and runway reports, these are the looks that are going to take over in 2020.


Short suits — specifically Bermuda short suits — are expected to be prevalent in 2020. After reviewing trends from over a hundred fashion shows, Harper’s Bazaar noted, “Putting a twist on the classic suit, designers from Bottega Veneta to Chloe to Givenchy embraced the Bermuda short suit for spring. Part nine-to-five, part California cool, meet the next wave of the bike short trend.” The outfit isn’t just a warm-weather look, though. In addition to being paired with sandals and mules, some short suits were also styled with knee-high boots — meaning this look may even see us through to the fall.